Sebago roots
About Sebago
Founded in 1946, the Sebago Company was started by three New England natives and friends: Daniel J. Wellehan, Sr., William Beaudoin and Joseph Cordeau. The first shoe they released was a handsewn penny loafer. Sebago’s penny loafer was inspired by the popular Indian Moccasin and featured the company’s patented welt construction. It was a BIG success. With a firm foundation in quality and style, the Sebago Company started to expand quickly.

By 1954, they had celebrated the production of their 1,000,000 shoe, which were now being sold in Sears and Montgomery Ward. Then, throughout the 50s and 60s Sebago expanded its collection by offering a range of shoes, including women’s models, and began to export internationally. In 1970, Sebago released their most recognizable model to date, the iconic ‘Dockside’ boat shoe.

Known for their handsewn genuine moc construction, slip-resisant rubber sole, and non-corrosive brass eyelets, the Docksides are still an iconic silhouette, and worn by men, women and kids.
Get wiser on the story
"Shoemaker stick to your last” the old saying goes. Apart from the obvious link to the industry in which we work, it also has significance for us as a company: we do what we do best, and we do not introduce changes just for the sake of it.